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The Balanced BODYWORx Difference

At Balanced BODYWORx, we understand how it feels to live in constant emotional or physical pain, to lose trust and confidence in yourself and your ability to live vibrantly on a day-to-day basis. We empathize with the limitations that pain, low self-confidence, and loss of control can impose upon your life. We see the ostracization and stress that this can cause within relationships, and we’ve laid witness to the fears, anxieties, and depression that have ravished our clients as a result.


In response to this tremendous need, we exist so that our clients can once-again live in abundant health, restore their confidence and self-trust, have the freedom to chase their dreams, foster true connections, and learn to live well again. 

We believe that your whole-body wellness isn't a luxury, it's a need.

In an oversaturated and gimmicky massage therapy marketplace, it’s our individualized, holistic, intuitive approach to whole-body healing that sets us apart. You won’t find rote massages, or fluff ‘n buff services here. Why? Because these simply won’t give you the results you’re looking for.


Instead, Balanced BODYWORx founder, Christy Naas incorporates multiple healing modalities and allows her keen intuition and discernment to guide every moment of your session, working directly with your body to peel back and address every layer that is causing your discomfort and dis-ease.


It’s this unique, extraordinary approach that ushers in true healing.


We like to think of it this way: there’s literally no one like you on this planet. How could an ordinary, cookie-cutter massage begin to give your body the support it needs?


Break out of the box. Give yourself permission to heal and experience the extraordinary with Balanced BODYWORx.

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109 4th St., Castle Rock, CO 80104
(720) 392-7662
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